All The Must Know Kindle Fire Hdx Tablet Tricks And Tips

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If you are an owner of the Kindle Fire HDx tablet, then there are some tips and tricks which you should know for a better experience with your tablet.

Apart from the Kindle lineup of e-readers, do you owe the Kindle Fire HDx tablet from the Amazon Fire lineup of tablets? Having a dynamic Kindle Fire HDx ensures the classic e-reading and entertainment experience for all the owners around the world. Well, if you are still searching out the ways to get the maximum out of your Kindle Fire HDx, then check out the fine tricks and tips below –

  1. “Hard Reset” of Kindle Fire HDX – There are some of the occasions where the electronics creates problems. If you face the freezing bug with your Kindle Fire HDx tablet, then the first that you are required to take should be the “hard reset,” which helps out the device to shut down and reset itself.

To perform the hard reset, just head to hold down the power button on the rear for around 20 seconds until the device has gone to the shutting down mode. After some time, turn on the device by again holding back the power button.

  1. Kindle Fire App “Collections” and OS – It’s easy to create the “Collections” of the Kindle Fire apps, or the folders on the screen of the home of the tablet to easily maintain the navigation and software. Just head on to click and hold any app that you wish to add to the collection and drag the app into any other app. After doing this, you will get a new folder, or the latest Collection created. You can also change the name by just unlocking the Collection and then clicking on the text of that particular name.
  2. Deleting of the items from the Home Screen Carousel – At the time of unlocking a new app, file or any service, you must have noticed that the parallel app has been opened in the home screen carousel. If you have got the unnecessary app in your carousel, then head on to remove the particular app from the carousel. To remove it, just hold a finger on that particular app that you wish to delete until you get the defined list of the options. After getting the screen, just select ‘Remove from Carousel” to remove the item from the Carousel.
  3. Capturing of a screen shot – It’s easy to capture the quick screenshots on your Kindle Fire HDX. To capture a screenshot of the display of the tablet, just press and hold the Power Keys and Volume Up keys together until you get the flash of the screen. For accessing the screenshots, head on to tap the Photos tab in the slider at the top side of the home screen and then select the Device option from the Dropdown menu on the gallery’s top left side. You can get your screenshots in a folder named as “Screenshots.
  4. Enlarge and Collapse Mail notifications – In the case, if you are getting the multiple numbers of email messages in your same inbox, the status bar will display you a mail icon by grouping all the new email messages notifications together, and you will also get a number reflecting the total number of latest messages.
  5. 1-Tap Archive and Free storage – The dynamic Kindle Fire OS has got a unique 1-Tap Archive feature which has been designed to mark all those apps and services that you haven’t used from a long time and then just archive them to clear out the storage space on the device. At the time of having web access, you can access any content that you have archive by using the 1-Tap Archive in the Amazon cloud.

So, just apply these tips and tricks and in the case of any tech problem, just reach to the professionals for better guidance and assistance.